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My first post about Infinite!

Just randomly found videos of Infinite when they poromoted "For You" album in Japan.

I only translated this part because I found this as the most interesting

Our leader is so meanCollapse )



kinda miss them

Suddenly I really miss NEWS. Please don't hate me, but I just miss the six of them :(


So I digged my hard disk and watched all of their concert files that I have.
Also taking some of these picture from their last concert as 6

they always messing around but very fun to watch :D

six - Copy
poor massu :(

even I really miss them together so bad, but let's continue to support all of them, News, Kanjani8, The Monster, Yamapi solo or whatever. Of course, Our loves will always be with them!


long time no see


Aaah finally I find spare time to write something here. I have so many things to do for my academic purpose but I just found my self do fangirling stuff and watch various variety shows. My bad.
recently I was quite active in Lj but can not find anything to post here, because I'm bad at writting :))
so now I'll just post some random of my favorite pictures

My lovely ichiban. Please stay healthy even in your crazy schedule

aaaand our gary is back!

have to get back to my work.
Have a nice day!!

I'm in the highest tension right now, as AS Roma won the wonderful game against Inter Milan last midnight (at my country's time)! The game ended with 2-1 score for AS Roma. Of course it means so much, because of that, Roma make the range point become 1 point behind Inter Milan in the top of classification table.

Roma VS Inter, The Match ReviewCollapse )

aah, I think everyone know that I'm a Roma fan by reading those I wrote. That's right! I'm a romanisti. I mean a Romanita (AS Roma's girl fan). And my favorite player is Daniele De Rossi. I had admiring him since 4 years ago, while he doesn't well known like nowadays. 4 years ago, De Rossi just a young tallent from AS Roma primaverra. He is very Loyal and also a biggest romanisti. When I started to admiring him, I really don't know if he will become such an amazing midfilder. But now, he known as the best young talent of AS Roma and Italy, and become the one most anticipated by the opponent. Those make me think, 'I have such a great Idol, beside Tegoshi and Nino..' *still bring fangirling bias XD*

OK Inter Milan, AC Milan, and also Italy, watch for Roma's soldiers from now on! (even it's too late actually ^ ^)
Let's see who will win the scudetto! *be optimistic*
PS. No offense for those are Internisti, milanisti or roma haters ^ ^V Let's support our team sportively!!

Arashi - My Girl PV [Subbed]

All this time (the last is a year ago) i only did fansubbing a few of anime video with a group, so actually this is the first time i release a karaoke subbed PV.

I just already learn the basic one, so what you could see here just an usual karaoke subbed PV, but i hope you can enjoy it as much as i am and also sing with arashi ^^

I really like this PV because there is a good story that we can watch in this video, so I thought to subbed it even there are so many other skilled fansubber  had done it. Ahh, I think everyone realize that the woman in photograph is oh-chan. Am I right?? Or she is the woman whom the face like Riida??? Just tell me if it is like that. ^^

This is the MQ one, cause there is a lag in the opening of this video, and my basic skill can’t fix it :( so sorry..

Format : .avi file

Size : 65 MB

Special thanks to:

RAW file : oresa

Romaji and translations : saladesu

Link : MF

just want to share this to everyone who wants XD



HELLO minna san~

actually, still don't know what to write in this journal is (lol).
i am echa. and currently i'm a kind of new user here.

i just wanna say HELLO to everyone in LJ coz my former LJ is going died. hahaa

minna san.. yoroshiku~~
please let me become your friend and discuss anything about jmusic especially JE and orange range because i love them ^ ^

saa, that's all for my first post (so unimportant). once more, yoroshiku ne~