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My first post about Infinite!

Just randomly found videos of Infinite when they poromoted "For You" album in Japan.

I only translated this part because I found this as the most interesting

Caption :  "Pick a member's name plate, then tell something that you've never said before about that member"

1. Sunggyu --> Woohyun
    Gyu+Woohyun : Promise, won't hold any grudge after this
    Gyu : Gold hair doesn't suit you!
    All : (Laugh)
    Gyu : Because Woohyun is actually a good-looking guy, he looks handsome with any hairstyle..
    Myungsoo : Gold hair is lacking~
    Gyu : Actually anything will do, but I think another hairstyle is much better for Woohyun.
              Even though the current hairstyle is also fine.. because Woohyun is really good-looking,...
    Woohyun : Next!

2. Hoya --> L
    Hoya  : I think I've never told this to L.
    All : woooo~
    Dongwoo : I love you? I love you?
    Hoya : because me and everyone thinks same about L,
               I really know well about this, but just never said it. But I will use this chance to say
              You're really handsome. Very handsome.
    Woohyun : What a nice boy, you are.
    Myungsoo : (Laughs)
    Gyu (to L) : Except when you laugh, right?
    Myungsoo : Even when I'm laughing, I'm still attractive *in japanese*

3. Sungjong --> Dongwoo
    Jjong  : I think I've never said "Thank you" to Dongwoo hyung at all.
                Thanks to Dongwoo hyung's bright energy (not sure, sorry),
                even though in my hard time, I can always get better.
                Thank you for always giving us your laughs, from now on, please give us more smile, too.
                Thanks, hyung
    Dongwoo : Thanks. Really thanks. Arigatou.

4. Sungyeol -- > Sungjong
    Yeol : This is the first time I say this to Sungjong on TV. There are 2 things I want him to stop.
              *censored* and *censored*

5. Woohyun --> Sungyeol
    Woohyun (to Dongwoo) : Please lend me it! (asking for gyu's name plate) *for revenge? lol*
    Dongwoo : Ah, this? (Passing the name plate to hyun)
    All : (Laughs)
    Woohyun : Just kidding (return it to Dongwoo)
    Woohyun : I got Sungyeol's name. Before, we acted together in a drama
    Yeol : It has been released in Japan
    Woohyun : In that drama, there is a scene when he said "This is really not fun!" while hitting the drum..
                      I think it was a bit off
    All : (singing) because it's now, I say Love you
    Woohyun : done!
    Jjong : Was it this kind of segment?

6. Dongwoo --> Sunggyu
    Dongwoo : I got Sunggyu's name..
                      I always say "thank you" to sunggyu hyung. Instead of me, the other members can tell everything that I cannot say well.
                      During the hard time...  This year everyone feels hard, right?
                      I wanna say "thank you" for always listening well and taking care of us.
    Sunggyu :  yesterday, somehow he gave a deep sigh
                      *sorry, don't really understand this part. I think it's something about yesterday dongwoo felt annoyed to him or something like that *CMIIW
    Dongwoo : I just wanna say thank you


I translated directly from japanese subtitle on the video.
Both English and Japanese are not my mother tongue, so there might be some mistakes and please forgive my bad English :)
Please kindly tell me first if you want to share to somewhere





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